Women's Group Counseling


This group is currently closed: Please call to enroll in the next available group

HEALING HEARTS WOMEN'S GROUP: A Christian faith-­based healing group for women survivors of sexual abuse/trauma. This is an opportunity to move beyond surviving day to day & towards Living the life you desire, a life free from self-destructive behaviors and broken relationships. The Winter group will meet weekly over a 12 week period. Group size is limited, so please call to schedule an interview ASAP.    

Sexual Abuse/ Trauma is Any type of sexual activity that you do not agree to, including:

  •  Inappropriate touching
  •  Sexual intercourse, you said NO to or did not consent to (Rape)
  •  Attempted rape 
  •  Child molestation 
  •  Inappropriate sexual activities with children

If you have experienced sexual abuse, it may be hard to trust those closest to you. You may experience pain and a sense of emptiness. Do not let this define you and control your life. If you have experienced such darkness know that God can bring healing and hope into your life. You are invited to join other women in this healing process. 

 Call Cassey St.Rose at 907 385 2165 to schedule an interview or fill the form below.

You are not alone HEALING IS POSSIBLE.