Your Story Matters...

Have you ever wondered if your story, your life, your experiences really matter? I want you to know everyone has a story uniquely their own and I believe our stories are meant to be shared. Not just some select few stories, you know the kind of stories books and movies are made of, but all stories serve a purpose. I’ve heard some say they haven’t lived an adventurous life or been through much difficulty and therefore, they feel like their story isn’t worth sharing. Many have been struggling for a long time and victory seems out of reach and therefore, they don’t see any purpose in sharing their failures. Every story I hear impacts me. The story of the woman who grew up in a wealthy home with a loving mother and father and good education impacted me as much as the story of the woman who experienced great physical and emotional abuse as a child. The impact is different, but none the less impact-full. Each story has the potential to teach us something about God, about God’s creation, about our self and/or the world we live in.

I have shared my story several times in both small intimate gatherings and large church functions.
— Cassey St.Rose

What happens when we share our story?

Spiritual Battle Plan I mentioned this before in another blog article, but there is a lot to be said about the me too factor that happens when we take off our mask, get real, and share with others. When we can see others are going through or have gone through something difficult or similar it helps us feel less alone and disconnected. It can also give us hope to hold on. When others know you have gone through what they are going through they are more likely to hear what you have to say.

From a spiritual perspective, when we share what God has done in our lives and what we are hopeful He will do we share hope with others. It highlights our faith and puts Jesus out front. Hearing someone’s testimony of God’s goodness in their life is so powerful. Not only are you encouraged to see your current situation as temporary (because if God worked in their life to change their situation, then maybe He will work it out for you as well), but you are encouraged to look to Jesus and draw your strength from Him. Your perspective changes. Think about it, we have an opportunity to change someone’s perspective from negativity and hopelessness to hopefulness and positive possibilities. We have an opportunity to be the light in a very dark place. I don’t know about you, but giving others hope brings me great joy.

Another point I want to make is how healing it can be to share your story. I have shared my story several times in both small intimate gatherings and large church functions. It never fails, every time I share someone comes up to me afterwards and says, “Something similar happened to me, to my sister, to my friend etc.” And, each time I share about my struggles and God’s goodness and faithfulness towards me I receive another level of healing or a deeper level of understanding. I discuss this in further detail in another blog article Spiritual Battle Plan.

I want to encourage you to share your story regardless of whether you think it is worth sharing or not. Whether you think it will be impact-full or not. Share your story and let God use it to bless someone else.

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