Anchored Press Devotional Planner

I have been using the same devotional planner for the last three years and I adore it (Esty Shop Grace Abounds)
— Cassey St.Rose, LPC

Maybe you are like me and being organized is important to you. I have learned if I am organized and able to plan things out in advance, I experience less stress. Less stress makes me happy. Each year around November I order a new planner. I have been using the same devotional planner for the last three years and I adore it (Esty Shop Grace Abounds). Well I soon learned that the 2019 version of the devotional planner from Grace Abounds will not be available (EEEEEEKKKK). I am the type of person once I find something I like I pretty much stick with it. The thought of finding the perfect devotional planner made my stress levels increase. I asked around about other possible devotional planners and none of them seemed like a good fit and they certainly were not measuring up to the one I have been using.

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Either they didn’t have a devotional, or they didn’t have days broken down into hour blocks, or they weren’t pretty (UGH) and I was feeling a little frustrated. I finally decided to purchase the planner by Anchored Press (Esty). I picked out the color (navy blue, pink and white) and paid for it. It arrived quickly. It appears to be good quality. It does not have a monthly devotional, but there are scriptures and a short devotional for each day. There are sections for writing out goals and taking notes that I believe will be helpful. All in all, I am impressed with the quality of the materials used and it is pretty. I think I will be able to stay organized with this planner.  And, remember being organized is important and it helps me reduce stress.

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