The Inevitable, Unpredictable Truth About Grief

No one is immune, there is no vaccine, no pill, and no preventative measure that will render us untouchable by its grips. We all are susceptible to trauma and grief and we will (if we haven’t already) experience it at some point if not several times over a lifetime. Truth be told, there is no standard operating procedure by which we can follow to ensure a speedy recovery. Each individual will grieve in his/her own way but there is one universal truth: there are no shortcuts. No healing can take place by avoiding it or trying to go around it. We must go straight through the middle and trust me it’s difficult and painful. However, with the support of friends and family, God’s loving presence and possibly a professional counselor we are able to face our grief and begin healing. The road may be bumpy and we may not walk it with great confidence but that’s okay. Keep walking down that path and in time God will repair the broken pieces and you will be stronger, wiser, and more confident then you were before your world came crashing down on you. Healing is possible!!!!!

What is it? Unlike traditional face to face counseling where an individual or couple goes to a counseling office, online video counseling is conducted via the internet using video software. With a good internet or WIFI connection, one is able to utilize this service with their smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.